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SEO the Denver Way

If you’re in search of a professional SEO team, then you came to the right place. Slyker Marketing prides itself on its search abilities. Having quality keywords that you are ranking for online can be one of the best ways to drive genuine leads to your site. SEO is broken down into two aspects, site content, and site structure. Having both of these work in unison means that Google is happy, and a happy Google means you get high-quality site traffic.


Content + Site Structure = Happy Google = Quality Leads

Our SEO Process

We Start with a Site Audit

The SEO process starts with the architecture of the site. We do a full scrap of your website, finding every opportunity to improve the content, user experience, and structure.

Keyword Research and Development

We scrape the content on you and your competitor’s websites discovering and accessing all possible keywords we can rank for. We use these keywords to develop a content strategy that will drive high quality leads to your site who are ready to convert to customers.

Content Strategy

Using the keywords discovered in your research and development phase, we build content suited for your customers. Your content on your site may already be ideally suited to use the keywords we want to target. In which case we optimize the content already on your site and start ranking. We may also need to create new content to develop opportunities to build on these keywords. Site pages, blog posts, and social media.

Getting Technical

Google scans your site and takes in hundreds of different factors to determine if your site should rank higher or lower. This scan is where we like to “Get Technical.” Using the site audit, we go through and fix all technical errors with your site.

Custom Reporting

SEO is an analytical game. We keep ongoing communication with you making sure you are aware of any progress, KPIs, and results from any implemented strategies.

Reach Out

Getting found online is not always an easy task, but luckily you have some friends on your side. Get a site audit on us today!

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