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Let me spare you the overdrawn metaphor and get to the point. You know your business has potential and you want help tapping into it. That’s where we come in. Slyker Marketing is a freelance digital marketing agency that started after spending years in the agency world and seeing all the flaws that go with it. You start by talking to a VP, then get left with an account manager who barely understands marketing, all the while someone like me is doing the work. This process is how your monthly bill ends up three or four times higher than it needs to be. My solution: cut out the VP, cut out the account manager and talk directly with the strategist doing the work. The result? A properly managed campaign at a cheaper cost to you.

What Makes Us Different?

The data doesn’t lie. We cut out any middleman, client representative, or VP who only knows the word SEO by definition, and give you results, straight data, and honest opinion. Not convinced yet? Check out the results below.

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